Putting On Our Sunday-Best Energy

If you’ve ever in your life waited tables or worked retail or someplace where you had to take care of customers or deal with the “general public,” you know that very little humbles you more than a service job humbles you.

A few years back I was waiting tables in my middle age, after having also done so when I was, cough-cough, younger.

Well, well, well, I’m here to tell you that if you’re not a “career server” who’s in it for the duration, do not kid yourself and think that your years-long hiatus has been anything but the door basically rusting shut on your table-waiting skills, stamina, and enthusiasm for a very difficult come-back.

My return to waiting tables was far from the comeback I’d expected, but at least I was able to channel my valiant has-been effort into a blog post about leaving a big tip (because that’s what good humans do)!

Because putting on our Sunday-best energy simply isn’t all that hard

That’s why:

  • Something like leaving a good tip just makes for good energy.
  • Or staying calm when someone cuts you off in traffic makes for good energy.
  • Or thinking nice thoughts instead of yucky thoughts makes for good energy.
  • Or just smiling and saying Hi to someone makes for good energy.

It’s not that we can never be in a bad mood or feel sad or simply have an ordinary day. It’s just that we can consciously, awake-ly decide to contribute good energy to the world’s collective energy instead of crappy, cranky, cantankerous energy.

Because why not?

Our little bits and drops and smidgens of good energy add up.

And ultimately, our energy is a powerful force.

We humans are coming along

It wasn’t that long ago that I would have sounded like a crazy lady if I said that at some point we humans will realize that our energy is what can “move mountains,” as the prophet said.

The energy we have when smiling, or choosing a kind thought over a critical one, or just making a good meal for our family is what can move those mountains.

This is using our energy well.

And because we know that something as simple as someone else’s mood can affect us all, we know that our energy is contagious.

Which means we are far more powerful than we usually acknowledge.

But where does our Sunday-best energy come from?

Our energy is our vibration (and everything is vibrating all the time), which is the same thing as our emotions and the same thing as our feelings, which come from our thoughts.

We can choose our thoughts and in turn choose our emotions and feelings. We can actually, for real, no kidding, choose our energy.

None of this energy of ours has to be the accident we grow up believing it all to be. We have the very-availably capacity to pull together better energy than not.

In fact, we 21st-century humans can put on our Sunday-best energy on a regular basis.

We can move mountains by way of our good energy. Even when we do things that are ever so tiny, this is so good for the world. And some small act or kindness or vibrational shift of ours may even be bigger than we have any idea of at the time.

Sometimes we just have to untwist the things we’re used to

Sometimes we have to untwist our habits and our automatic thinking that produce anything less than the lovely, loving, gentle, kind, peaceful, light and joyous energy we have within us.

Or at least as much of our lovely energy as we can drum up at times. After all, it’s a moment-by-moment, day-by-day existence, so some moments and some days are easier than others. So we just take it all one step at a time, and honestly, that’s all that’s even required of us—to live one moment at a time.

And putting on our Sunday-best energy doesn’t mean we have to do giant or big and loud things—it only means we’re intentional.

As we learn to un-knit our brow and un-knit our twisted-up emotions and thoughts more often, we’ll realize we really are moving mountains all around us.

And have been all along.

Because good humans don’t have to do giant things to do great things.


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