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We can talk about what you’re looking for in everyday life and in big-picture life and what kind of coaching I can offer to help you do what you mean to do in your life.

I admit to you that I wasn’t so sure about “life coaching” when it hit the scene a while back. I thought, Who could possibly need such a thing?

But when a friend added “life coaching” to their massage and healing practice, I opened my mind.

I let go of my judgment… at least a little bit, but all progress takes is a start. (Because seriously, judgment and criticism make such a heavy load to haul around.)

So I can help you work through whatever it is you’re dealing with, working through, or working on.

I can help you figure out how to polish up your shine in a world that seems intent on dulling and dumbing us down to some useless average.

And even though life right now can be overwhelming and can hurt our heart and make us want to scream sometimes, we’re still of more use to the world—and especially to those right around us, when we’re our bold and shining real self.

I use a simple no-nonsense, non-invasive process that starts with your thoughts and feelings in the right-now. Whereas therapy is for digging around in the past, coaching is a start-where-you-are approach. So there’s no need to fix a bunch of things in order to make progress.

Sure, you can fix things from the past, but it’s not a prerequisite for starting with the right here and right now, and looking forward in life.

Because while we’re each a product of our past, our culture, and society, we only live in the right-now—not in the past. So we start where you are and go from there. And by doing so, we can get straight to the heart of what you need and want to discover.

I don’t try to fix you, and I don’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t do (or should and shouldn’t have done).

Because you know what?

Deep inside, you have answers—it’s just that we’ve been conditioned to think someone else is the expert on us. We’ve gotten used to talking over our own intuition.

You’re the real expert on you, and I can help you find the answers, solutions, and ideas that only you can really know.

And honestly, as for should-s and shouldn’t-s, you’re probably hard enough on ourself already and don’t need me or anyone else adding to your guilt-load of how to live your life.

Let’s sort through your questions and challenges, and clarify that general feeling of searching, uncertainty, and even fear that dulls your ability to live with bold intention.

We can begin with anything from relationships to work and career to self-image and fitness to goals (and lack-of) to time management to overwhelm and confusion to habits to disappointment to large and small life changes, and even things like the overarching questions of purpose and meaning.

My calendar is open for a conversation, so let’s talk a bit.

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Important Note: If you need therapy, please get therapy. And yes, you can add coaching to your therapy—it’s not one or the other unless you’re unable to function due to some type of trauma. Please take care of your trauma first thing if that’s your situation. If you’re not sure, schedule a free info session with me and we’ll figure it out. I’m trained to recognize when an issue is outside of my scope. I will be honest with you about my suitability to work with you.