Hey, shiny you,

Are you starting to wonder how much more news your tender soul can even take?

Then check this out:

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A guide to help you stay grounded and functioning while preserving your tenderness


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Fix yourself up, you sweet and tender human—we're about to get a grip on all this crazy coming at us.

Get the juicy downloadable PDF plan to find out how to step outside of the mental anxiety so you can function and even thrive right now.


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"Holy cow!

This has saved me HUNDREDS of dollars in therapy by helping me realize the subtle influences in my life that have hijacked my happiness.

Coco has shown me how to turn it around—now I see the world with fresh, optimistic eyes. Thank you, Coco!

–Jilly B.

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Yes, it's possible to keep going beautifully even though the world feels bonkers right now.

Just imagine:

  • Being resilient in the world today but without becoming hardened or jaded.
  • Managing pretty darn well, thank you very much, instead of barely holding on in the hamster wheel of news and info and overwhelm.
  • Daring to (gasp) be happy and hopeful instead of distraught and fearful in today's world.
  • Feeling a sense of peace in spite of so much change and uncertainty.
  • Getting to the root of why you feel anxious, afraid, and freaked out—and learning how to stay ahead of the anxiety, fear, and freak-out.
  • Understanding deeply your connection to the world without feeling helpless in the world.

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"Refreshingly, unapologetically loving...

As a reformed and recovered cynic, this plan is in sync with my own current approach to life.

This is a beautiful and highly intelligent reminder to restore faith in your own assessment of reality and the power of your own true humanity. I'll be keeping these awesome thought exercises nearby to turn to frequently. And this is so witty and charming!"

–Christine T.

It's shocking, isn't it?

In spite of everything you do to stay informed and be responsible...

Some days it feels like things are getting worse instead of better! What gives?!

Your ability to function is starting to wear thin because frankly, the news is like whack-a-mole—as soon as one issue is under control another one pops up out of nowhere.

It's exhausting you.

You're seriously starting to wonder how much more of this craziness you can take.

Have you run out of ideas on how to stay ahead of the stress and unease of life right now?

Here's a plan for sensitive humans like you:

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The world's not getting any less crazy any time soon...

Get the How-to-Function-in-a-Crazy-World Plan for Sensitive Humans now for $39.

  • The How-to-Function-in-a-Crazy-World Action Plan is a PDF download (plus a fat and juicy 98-minute playlist) that will help you uncover your power and energy to stay grounded and functioning, even happy, in the midst of chaos and confusing, upsetting, unsettling, constantly changing times.
  • This action plan guides you through a step-by-step process toward tangible actions you can take to cope with the rapid-fire changes we're experiencing in the world without becoming jaded from being in survival mode.
  • This is fun to use, but make no mistake, it's mighty and it's transformative.
  • This is also non-depressing and non-anger-focused because that's just not how we roll around here.

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"This is a brilliant masterpiece of balance! This fun lil' plan is beautiful and joyful.

Coco takes you through the muck and into the sunshine with quick wit and fun style. Managing to function in this crazy world is something we can all do. Combine it all together, and we can change the world.

Oh, and Coco even shares some dope tunes you can listen to along the way."

–Carly D.

Hi, I'm Coco!

And I want you and me to be able to function and even thrive starting right now—because I believe that we humans are not supposed to live in a constant state of fight-or-flight, even when times are crazy. Survival mode strips us of our tenderness and sensitivity—and our joy. We can do better.

I used to think and hope that someone could save us all—someone powerful who could make big changes, or that working with politicians was the key to a better future.

Ha! Turns out that you and I as individuals have far more control and power to control our own lives than we've ever been taught or told. And that's the problem—we've spent our lives relying on what we're taught and told.

As it turns out, we've been misled, sometimes innocently, sometimes not. And that's why I made this plan, so that you and I can get control of our ability to function in this world and also have a damned good time doing it.

Want to know more? Go nose around on my blog, ShinyButter.com and see what sort of trouble you can find.

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"Coco is smart and hilarious—she makes you laugh out loud at the same time she makes you think. I can't even express how fabulous this is.

I feel more empowered, less overwhelmed, and totally inspired to add my light to all the gloom out there. These activities are thought provoking yet fun.

Go ahead and get this—you'll be so much happier, which is the first step to functioning in this crazy world."

-Barbara L.

Are You and the How-to-Function-in-a-Crazy-World Plan for Sensitive Humans Right for Each Other?

and other burning questions...


You'll receive a digital copy of the hands-on How-to-Function-in-a-Crazy-World Plan for Sensitive Humans.

This plan is packed with concrete techniques to help you recognize the sources of fear and anxiety that are piling up on you and affecting your well-being in today's world.

The plan includes:

  • Serious and meaty but also fun, joyful, non-depressing discussions and activities centered around what we're experiencing and where it's coming from.
  • An empowering take on addressing the root of your concerns, fears, anxiety, and general unease, starting with throwing out the garbage—literally, metaphorically, in your imagination, all of it.
  • Power-packed activities such as re-telling stories, turning over rocks to figure out why we think, feel, and believe what we do, and learning why looking at the bright side is actually a really big deal.
  • Also kitten videos and a juicy 98-minute playlist.
  • All delivered digitally to your inbox.


You could possibly sit up and read everything, plus do the activities in one night. Granted, you may very well be staying up too late if you do this but I don't blame you if you really get into it.

What I really recommend, though, is spending a few days on this. Just soak it up and roll around in it. If I've done my job well, you'll have a lot to think about.


The How-to-Function-in-a-Crazy-World Plan is available in digital PDF format only (plus links to a big 'ol juicy playlist and some great videos, you gorgeous human, you). I will not be sending you a physical copy.

You can print this at home to put in a 3-ring binder (looks good in color or b/w), or just print selected pages at home, or have the whole thing printed locally.

Or you can just view the PDF on your device and take notes in one of those journals you've got stashed for this sort of thing. (Links to videos and a playlist are clickable inside your digital PDF.)

In short, this is delivered digitally in PDF format to the email address you provide when ordering. 


It should arrive in your inbox via the email address you provide at checkout within 5-10 minutes of your purchase.

If you don't see it, check your spam, junk, or promotions folders—you know how those three like to lure innocent emails away from your inbox.

(Pro-tip: "Star" your email and drag it to your main/primary inbox so you don't miss future emails.)

(If yours is lost in cyberspace, contact me here.)


If you're itching for some guidance that's not a bunch of brow-knitting and guilt-tripping, but instead is useful and real in a deep and meaningful way, then this is just the action plan for you.

Important: Please know that I'm not a therapist and this is not meant to be therapy. (You can always add this helpful plan to your therapy if you want to.)

I'm just a regular person who doesn't like being jerked around by a culture and media that seem to want me scared, anxious, and distraught—and I assume you don't want that either.



This plan leads you along to examine how your beliefs, feelings, and actions affect your ability to function and thrive, crazy world or not.

What you won't find in this plan: You won't find me telling you to act all serious, as though that makes you more intelligent or concerned or something. That stuff is too often just optics anyway.

I'm telling you, you gorgeous human being, that you can be happy and have a good time more often than not while still being productive and also empathetic and caring in this world.

I mean, are wringing your hands, scowling, and blaming and lashing out really what you want to be known for?

Seriously, if all that tweeting and resisting and gnashing of teeth has you wondering when it's all going to work out, then maybe you and this How-to-Function-in-a-Crazy-World Action Plan are made for each other.


It might seem selfish to talk about getting on with your life when the world is more than a little bit messed up.

But what good are you if you just fall apart? Not only does that just feel crummy, but I'm sure you recognize that if you're doing more than merely surviving you're more helpful to those around you.

If we didn't need each other—and we do, of course—then there wouldn't be a need for more that one of us on the planet at a time. Well obviously that's not the way this works. So get yourself functioning so you can have a positive affect on the people around you.


The How-to-Function-in-a-Crazy-World Plan for Sensitive Humans is normally $39 and is $24 right now. Jump on it.


Since this is a digital product, I'm thinking you can figure out pretty quickly how you feel about it, so let me know within a week if you want a refund. Then you can delete the thing and move on with your life. No biggie, no hard feelings, life is still grand.

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"This is a beautiful workbook of activities that helped me figure out why some things affect me and some things I brush off as normal.

I love the message in this: we really can function in our little corner of the world by laughing, listening, and living. And most importantly, I've realized that we’re all heroes on our journey. This is awesome.

Thank you, Coco!"

–Gwen T.

You ready to function and feel beautifully alive in this crazy world?

I bet you are!

Get your well-being back in your own hands, starting now.

Scoop up the How-to-Function-in-a-Crazy-World Plan for Sensitive Humans for $39.

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Get your crap and come on!

This is snappy and involving, and allows me to proceed at my own pace—really lets me concentrate on a given area.

And this so much reinforces everything I've learned in cognitive behavioral therapy. Thank you!

Great work—I so love what you do!"

–Ellen F.

"Thank you for helping me learn how to get unstuck by my paralyzing fears over things I can't control.

I loved reading and going through this so much."

- Katrina R.