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Even though each day seems to be trying to out-crazy the day before it, here are some solid steps you can take to feel pretty darned good in spite of it all. Positive, productive, beautiful things you can start on right this red-hot second.

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Hi, I'm Coco!

I'm the lady in charge at The Shiny Butter Blog, and I made this Feel-Good guide because I believe that feeling good as much and as often as we can makes us strong, healthy, and so much more useful than when we're fighting, fleeing, or living in fear.

The Shiny Butter Blog is a talk and opinion blog that's one part buck-the-system and one part go-with-the-flow—both with a healthy dash of tomfoolery and sometimes a touch of the snark.

I believe in staying healthy and happy and also aware and beautifully alive. And even if it takes a little more intention to be happy and also aware (to whatever extent you want to be!), I don't believe you have to ditch one in order to have the other.

So here's to you and me being beautifully alive, happy, useful humans.

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