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Even though each day seems to be trying to out-crazy the day before it, here are some solid steps you can take to feel pretty darned good in spite of it all.

Positive, productive, beautiful things you can start on right this red-hot second.

Because listen, you gorgeous being, if you're down in the dumps on a regular basis, you can't turn up your shine and work your magic in the world.

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Hi, I'm Coco,

I'm the lady in charge at The Shiny Butter Blog (

I'm a blogger and award-winning poet, life coach, pole dancer (yep), and peace-loving tree hugger.

The Shiny Butter Blog is for wanderers and wonderers living with bold intention in this crazy world. We’re un-conforming our minds, turning up our shine, and questioning everything.

I believe we can be healthy and happy and also aware and beautifully alive—and that we don’t have to ditch our brain in order to be beautifully, peacefully, and powerfully beneficial to the world.

So here's to you and me being beautifully alive, happy, and smart human beings.

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