websites and writing

Two things I can do for you:

  • Write for you
  • Make your website

Because maybe you’re grooving on Shiny Butter style and want some of it for yourself.


I’m quite good at taking what you’ve jotted down and turning it into the kind of thing that makes you look like the genius you and I both know you are—you send me your thoughts, I whip up something magic from them. Seriously, I enjoy this sort of thing. Prices start at $30 per 500 words. Each project requires individual pricing.

Website design

And if you like this website, I can make one for you. Here are four more I’ve made:

Mona Lisa Pasta

Scott Wagner Chiropractic

Nexus Poets

le chat de la mer (This is my son’s site! He lives on a sailboat and makes jewelry. “Le chat de la mer” is French for “the cat of the sea.”)

So I make sharp, clean, good-looking, fully functioning, secure sites. Prices start at $700. for a basic site. Each project requires individual pricing.

If you’ve done some research and have decided you want more than the free site, and you’ve decided that SquareSpace and Weebly are more work than you want to bother with (because they’re more involved than not, btw!), give me a shout.

So there you go

Get in touch, and we can talk specific price when I get a feel for your project. I’m not charging outlet prices, ’cause who has time for that, but I’m not price-gouging over here, either.

We talk, I give you a quote and a timeline, you decide to go for it.

Then I put on my work boots (probably high heels or wedges, actually), roll up my sleeves, set all my bracelets on my desk (because they get in the way at the computer, but don’t try to stop me from wearing them in the first place), pour myself an iced tea, and start on your project.

Give me a shout at coco @ shinybutter dot com, and we’ll cook something up.

Or if you want to use a form, here you go: