work with me

I can write for you.

For example:

  • Need something snappy on that website of yours?
  • Looking for something clever to make your brochure look and sound sharp?
  • Need help with something life-changing, like a letter you want to send your Senator, maybe?
  • Or the fan mail you’re planning on sending to John Grisham?
  • Or could you use a little input on that book you’re working on?

Well, the reason I ask, is because it’s possible you like my style. My writing style, that is. If you’re grooving on some Shiny Butter and wanna bounce some stuff off me, or have me put on my metaphorical work boots and help you move some metaphorical words around, I can do these things for you.

I can also help you with your website design. This very site is an example of what I can do. And check out this one here, too, to see what else I can do.

We can talk prices when you get in touch and I get a feel for your project. I’m not charging outlet prices, ’cause who has time for that, but I’m not price-gouging over here, either. We talk, I give you a quote and a timeline, you decide to go for it, then I put on my work boots and roll up my work sleeves and start on your project.

Give me a shout at coco @ shinybutter dot com and we’ll cook something up.

If you want to use a form, here’s one now: