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I know you wanna get right to the good stuff, so here you go—I’ve listed a few favorites.

Seriously, though, there’s more than I’ve listed here, so just poke around and see what catches your eye.

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Pensive, reflection-y stuff:

Thinking About My Dad, Who Would Be 80 Today

Wanna Know Who’s a Bitch? Hurricane Florence, That’s Who.

Safe Travels and Rest Well to the Sweetest Cat I’ve Ever Had

On Party Stamina, Middle-Aged Selfies, and the Costco Where God Buys in Bulk

Back talk about politics and the like:

girl in chair on side of road

Resigning Myself to the 5 Stages of Grief Over This Election

Democrats Who Were Blindsided, Let Me ‘Splain to You What Just Happened

New York Times, You’re Full of Shit

The 2016 Election Was Like a Slap Upside the Head

Back talk about society:

two people walking up a hill in the distance

Hating on Haters Does Not Make the Hate Go Away

Don’t Be Anybody’s Bitch

A Post-Charlottesville Quiz

How to Be More Entitled, in Ten Easy Steps

Woo-woo peace and love stuff:

Let’s Whoop Up on Some Love and Kindness

Oh, New Year, You’re a Sight for Weary and Sore Eyes

Good Vibes, Fizzy Sunshine, and the Pursuit of World Peace

Speaking of World Peace, Leave a Big Tip—It’s What Good Humans Do

From the frontlines of parenting:

two girls asleep in the back seat of a car, one with a nirvana t-shirt and earbuds, one with her mouth open

Here’s a Bunch of Back-to-School Stuff I Think It’s Only Fair You Know

Okay, So About That Time I F**ked up the Carpool

Training Your Future Grown-Up—The Grocery Cart Edition

My Son Bought His First Car—Help Me Give Him Advice

Reverent stuff:

‘Tis the Season to Keep the Christ in Chrysler—Or Something Like That

How to Go From Mardi Gras to Chocolate Bunnies in Forty Days Flat

What Would Jesus Buy, Who Would Jesus Shoot?

Straight-up tomfoolery:

two young girls asleep at the beach

The Truth About How I Started My Day

I Love You, Liam Nissan

To Courtney: Why I Deleted Your Friend Request on Facebook

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