Be A Quiet Leader—You Don’t Have to Say a Word

We get so busy in our life, and so distracted with what’s wrong with the world that we forget—if we even realize it at all—that we can light up a room.

We hardly realize that we can change the energy in a space.

It’s possible we’ve never even considered that we can emit positivity just by trying to.

Every one of us has an energy about us.

We know this is true because we can sense when someone’s got terrible energy or when someone’s got great energy.

We’ll say that “so-and-so can suck the energy out of a room,” or “Don’t come around here with your bad vibe.”

But we don’t often consider our energy when it’s not crazy-high or crazy-low. We hardly ever think about just regular old garden-variety good energy or weird energy or “meh” energy.

Dogs and cats know it

Animals definitely pick up on our energy. You know how it is—a dog can pick up on our fear, or a cat goes straight to the one person in the room who hates cats, or is allergic to them. Somehow they just know.

Think of it this way—our energy is like our odor, haha. It’s usually subtle, and often we’re not that sensitive to it unless it gets pretty strong.

Yet it’s always there.

And bad energy is like bad body odor.

It’s unattractive. As in, it repels us.

We instinctively move away from bad energy.

So it stands to reason that good energy is attractive. As in, it attracts us.

So here’s what I want you to do

Get yourself cleaned up and head out of the house.

As you’ve figured out at this point, I don’t mean to shower and put yourself together as much as I mean to tidy up your energy.

Shake off whatever negativity is lurking around you concerning what’s going on in the world or in your life. I’m not saying to ignore things or to bury your head in the sand.

I’m just saying to get out of the dumps and use your powers for good instead of dragging all your shit around with you when you’re interacting with people… and when you’re just being a person around other people, whether you’re interacting or not.

I’m talking about the things that have you in a bad mood, the things that are pissing you off about whatever’s in the news. Or even the weather.

I’m talking about your impatience about the traffic that ought to be better or drivers who ought to be better. I’m talking about the people at work who get on your last nerve, or the cashier who messed up your order and then had the gall to clearly not care. All this shit that we carry around with us.

Just tidy up and head out

Better yet, make it a habit to tidy up your energy before you head out each and every time you leave the house.

The reason you’re doing this is because of what I already said. Because you can light up a room. You can light up a space. You can emit positive vibes.

You can influence the atmo somewhere—everywhere you go, in fact.

And, get this—you already do.

All of us do this. We influence the atmosphere whether we know it or not.

So go ahead and do it intentionally.

Pull yourself together, spiff up your energy, and leave the safe predictability of your home. Go be around people and be actual positivity.

Because this right here is how we live out “be the change you want to see in the world” right where we are in the world.

It’s not just about doing giant stuff. It’s so much simpler than that.

It’s simply knowing that our energy is influential, so we might as well become aware of that and use it well.

Not by doing a bunch of sugar-coated fakey la-la stuff, but by genuinely carrying and embodying the energy we want more of in the world.

Because newsflash—we’re part of “the world” we want to see.

“The world” isn’t somewhere “out there.”

It’s right where we’re standing right this second.

There’s no person outside of us that’s more important than we are, even if they’re “important” in one way or another. We’re all equal, and we’re all equally important.

Being a quiet leader

And because there are plenty of people running around with all manner of energy they’re entirely unaware of, what you and I can do with intentionally positive energy can literally make a difference in someone’s day and maybe even in a whole store-full or building-full of people’s days.

I’m not saying to be weird. I’m not saying to talk to strangers in creepy ways.

I’m only saying to have a raised awareness of the other beings right around us.

Feel yourself being “light” and uncritical.

Feel yourself being kind, generous, and caring. Polite and patient.

Feel yourself caring about people, even if you don’t say a word to them.

You only have to be aware of your energy. Shake off whatever crap you might ordinarily drag around. We really don’t have to carry that stuff with us everywhere we go, you know.

This is so simple and not that big a deal at all.

And it works the exact same way online. Probably even more so online because of how easy it is to view online people as not really people behind the name and little tiny photo, or the photos and words they put out there for public viewing.

In times like the present day, it’s pretty important to be a leader.

Even a very quiet leader.

Being a leader in this way has nothing to do with speaking in public or taking a stand or sharing your opinions out loud.

This is about taking the lead by being a presence of good. Honest, authentic, peaceful and heart-filled good in the world.

I’m talking about bumping your energy field up against other people in a positive way.

There’s so much anxious and aggressive energy in the world that by walking around or driving around in a state of relaxed peacefulness, even to a very simple extent, we benefit our social environment.

It takes getting out of our busy-ness and concerns to do this, but that’s all it takes!

Let some peace and calm and kindness spill out from you.

Take the lead.

You don’t even have to say a word.


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