ad disclosure

There may occasionally be ads and/or affiliate links in use here in order for The Shiny Butter Blog to be not only self-sustaining but also a profitable use of my (Coco’s) time and passion.

I don’t want to drive you, my readers crazy with ads all over the place, nor do I want my blog to look and feel tacky, so I’m pretty selective about what I choose to share with you and what I ask you to consider spending your dollars and cents on.

Once in a while I may place an ad in the “sidebar” or below the content if you’re reading on your phone. Some ads would be for services and some are for products.

Also, I may sometimes include a link in the text of a post. In that case, I’ll let you know it’s an affiliate link so you’ll know there’s nothing fishy going on.

For example, let’s say you order something I recommended from Amazon. Well, the price is exactly the same, only Amazon shares a (tiny) little bit with me instead of keeping the whole thing for themselves. It’s one little way for a blogger to keep their site alive and kicking.

Do understand that I recommend only the products and services that I like, trust, and/or use myself.

Thanks for helping The Shiny Butter Blog survive and thrive. And thanks so very much for reading.