suz- b-w 1Welcome to The Shiny Butter Blog. I’m Coco, the lady in charge here, a mouthy Southern mom rocking curly hair and low blood pressure.

I write poetry and prose, and obviously, I write blog posts. I got a degree in architecture back when pencils were a thing, and thought I’d be an artist, but now the alphabet is my medium.

Coco Q is my stage and pen name. Occasionally I emcee and perform spoken word poetry. I also show up in a few places as Citizen Coco (@CitizenCoco).

The name “shiny butter” comes from one time when I was at a party and a friend had on this delicious, liquidy, silky golden shirt that I said looked like shiny butter.

I liked the sound of that so much I started a blog.

So shinybutter.com was born and wandered the blogosphere for several years in a fun and wacky, slightly aimless but enjoyable way.

Then one day not long ago I got hacked and it was terrible and now there are all these great posts sitting in some sort of internet halfway house waiting to be de-hacked so they can come back home. At first I was lost and deflated staring at my empty blog, but then I put on my optimistic thinking cap and decided to just make a fresh start. Little by little, I’ll reintroduce my old posts alongside the new things.

The Shiny Butter Blog is where I get to share what matters to me, so here’s some of what to expect around here:

  • Strongly worded opinions on the general state of things. Like this post.
  • Handy guides to help you navigate complicated subjects. Like this one.
  • Ridiculousness that’s fun, fantastic, or funny—I think ridiculousness is important.
  • Sometimes I just need to talk, and I’m glad you’re here to listen and hang out. Here‘s an example of that.
  • Beucoups of peace-loving, tree-hugging, freak flag-flying, and back-talk. Here‘s some of that.
  • Irreverence and system-bucking. Like this.
  • Straight-up Southern common sense and expressions sprinkled hither and yon.
  • Run-on sentences.
  • Cursing, even though I can assure you I was raised to know better and have the pearls to prove it.

So you’re in the right place if you lean left, aren’t thrown off by a Southern liberal, or aren’t the judge-y type.

You’re not in the right place if you don’t like run-on sentences. Or cursing.

Also, if you think Miracle Whip is a suitable substitute for mayonnaise, tread lightly around here.

So listen, grab your iced tea, spiked or not, I don’t care, and sit a spell. We’ve got some catching up to do.

Love you, mean it, MWAH,



P.S. Duke’s is the superior mayonnaise, in case you didn’t already know that.

P.P.S. My given name is Suzanna. I was named after my great-grandmother. Do not call me Suzanne.