baby in diaper, sitting on towel at beach, boy digging in sand in background

Not that I have any say in what season it is, but welcome to my favorite time of year. Summer has me feeling the love.

Warm, sunny weather puts people in a party mood, no doubt about that—winter is all but forgotten and the fickleness of spring has settled down. Even people whose lives don’t revolve around the school year feel the difference when summer busts in.

So I thought I’d share some of my favorite things about my favorite season, plus a few things I don’t really love.

Then it’s your turn.

So here goes—these are some things I love:

  1. All that daylight.
  2. Porch sittin’.
  3. No socks.
  4. No carpool.
  5. Sleeping past six.
  6. Less laundry.
  7. Lightning bugs.
  8. The smell of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen.
  9. Spending all day at the beach…
  10. Then pointing my chair west at dusk, because being on the beach as the sun sets is glorious.
  11. Outdoor showers.
  12. Summer tomatoes. (And tomato sandwiches, ahhh.)
  13. Putting ice in my dry red wine.
  14. The sight of half the town standing around in the Dairy Queen parking lot.

And here are some things I could do without:

  1. Sweating over my morning cup of Earl Grey, because even though I live in a very warm climate, I still want my tea in the morning. The A/C makes no difference in this case.
  2. Those tiny sugar ants in the kitchen. Every summer I think I’ve got them beat, and every summer they prove me wrong.
  3. Flies. I never see them come in, yet there they are.
  4. When the Piggly Wiggly cranks their A/C down to freezing.
  5. Hurricanes.

So enough about my druthers—how do you feel about summer? Love it? Ready to move to Norway till fall? Rather live in Australia where it’s winter right now?

p.s. The picture is of my kids in 2001—my daughter’s in the front and her big brother is digging in the sand behind her. FYI, my daughter no longer looks anything like Buddha.



14 Comments on What I Love About Summer and a Few Things I Could Do Without

  1. I love the berries!!!! I’ve been picking raspberries and blueberries for the past three weeks. The July blueberries are about to start. Yum! And the farmer’s market full of awesome produce. I can, as a vegan, eat fresh food to my heart’s content.

  2. While I don’t enjoy summer as much as I did when I was younger, I agree with the front porch sitting, long walks, fresh vegetables, summer clothes and swimming in the pool/beach with my grandchildren!
    Summer is a slower, more relaxed time unless we’re preparing for a hurricane! Looking forward to a week off from work and playing with the grandchildren!

    • I enjoy summer in a different way than when I was a child—now I know to savor the break since it’ll be gone before I know it. But remember how interminable summer seemed when we were children? And remember being bored? Wow, that never happens anymore!

    • Ah! In the summer of ’90, I got some white corn from a roadside stand that was the sweetest, most delicious corn I’d ever tasted—and though I’ve searched, I’ve never had any so good since.

  3. Ok you must live in the south or on East coast. My relatives live in Alabama and I am all about the lightin bugs. Tomato sandwiches are the bomb!!! He’ll make Mayo,salt and pepper. Yum!! Love your blog!

  4. I love lightening bugs, seedless watermelon, and grape soda. Why I associate grape soda with summer, but I do.

  5. I love sitting on the porch with friends or solo and eating cucumbers and tomatoes and that relaxed feeling I get after a day at the beach.
    Love your blog.

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