So here you are at the fabulous Shiny Butter Blog

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Talk & opinion. Strong words. Reflection. Straight-up tomfoolery.

Smart and funny. With an edge.

Maxing out the alphabet for the benefit of your screen time.

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I’m Coco, the lady in charge.

I’m an iced-tea loving, curly-headed Southerner with a taste for common sense and a soft spot for challenging narratives. I’m mouthy and irreverent, dorky and tender-hearted.

And to be clear, I harbor a touch of the snark.

The Shiny Butter Blog is one part go-with-the-flow, one part buck-the-system, and a dash of mischief, just for the sport of it.

Strongly worded opinions are a house specialty. Basically, I just question the hell out of everything.

I like to talk back, to ‘splain things, and to help you sort through what the hay is going on.

The root of all Shiny Butter advice happens to be my motto: Think with your head, feel with your heart, go with your gut.

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I aim to inspire you, to make you laugh, to give you my best writing. All that.

Here’s some of that tender-hearted stuff and a little reflection, too.

Get your tissues out.

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Sometimes it’s just plain woo-woo around here. Because love really is all you need. Seriously.

Everything is connected, and what we do affects the whole world.

So be kind, Shiny friend, be kind.

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And look, life may be as serious as a country song, but I’m still gonna make light of whatever I can.

(I’m also gonna mouth off when the world depends on me speaking up—and I expect you to do the same.)

But until we can get into some real trouble together, let’s you and me just cut up in class.

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By now you may be thinking, Good lort, lady, just take me to the good stuff already.

So here you go.

The cream of the crop, the best of the best, the fan favorites, the people’s choices, all in one handy location.

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But wait, what does Shiny Butter even mean?

Here’s what “Shiny Butter” means. Or is. Or where it comes from. Or why I named my blog after some sort of butter.

Whatever, you get my drift.

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Cool cats like you read The Shiny Butter Blog.