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As you know, I have a conflicted relationship with Facebook, so it’s shaky ground over there for me. It’s my goal to be a good Facebook friend to others, but what with my strong personality and all, I think I sometimes manage to offend someone anyway.

My keep-or-unfriend policy being what it is, people have naturally fallen by the wayside (i.e. I’ve unfriended them), but some people do stay on, in spite of the fact that maybe our views mix like cats and mockingbirds. In other words, I admit that I occassionally post something on Facebook that I know when I push “enter” may aggravate someone.

Yet, I do it anyway- something may be that funny or that serious to me, that I am going to risk offense.

Well here lately, I’ve noticed that some people have a little tummy ache over too much politics showing up in their Facebook bubble space cereal bowl. Well, I can understand that, but if someone doesn’t have the stomach for a big plate full of politics, just leave that shit on the buffet. You can always stick your fingers in your ears and sing la-la-la until the election is over.

But understand that I intend to gorge myself on it.

While there are people wishing for November 6th to just come and go already, I feel like someone’s got to keep up with what is pretty much a national emergency. And that someone is me. Right now, I can’t just zip it and worry that someone might throw up if they see one more political post. This being a presidential election year, I am out loud and in public over this mess.

My concerns run along these lines:

  1. That if the Republican Party had at least a decent pair of candidates, they’d be wiping the floor with the Democrats right now, because, let’s face it, these last 3 1/2 years have been more challenging than not. Plus, the economy is  still having to use a nebulizer every five minutes.
  2. That even though the Wrong-ney/Lyin’ Ryan ticket is slimy, they still might win because they have sucked up all the money in the world through a rolled-up hundred dollar bill.
  3. That even though the Wrong-ney/Lyin’ Ryan ticket is also the most heinous pair of candidates ever, they still might win because the GOP has spent its whole campaign wad bottom-feeding its way into the dark recesses of people’s fear, anger, and feelings of indigestion.
  4. That the GOP is going to succeed at suppressing enough votes to actually win in swing states where they’re all about suppressing those votes. If the GOP were riding high instead of desperate, they’d be hyperactively making it easier to vote, not harder.
  5. That too many Democratic voters and undecided voters will continue along their merry little way on November 6th and not get around to voting after all.
  6. That the people who have their sleeves rolled up and work gloves on trying to see to it that the GOP doesn’t simply buy themselves a crappy president on November 6th are going to cave under the pressure of their Facebook friends telling them to back off with the politics.
  7. That the Democratic Party will get all rabbit-like and think it’s won the election already due to a spring in their step after what appears to be the best Democratic National Convention in decades, while the Republican Party turtles its way across the finish line.
  8. That we might end up with a President who once drove 1,200 miles with his dog strapped to the roof of his car.

Yes, I may be engaging in something that is altogether counter to the simple goal of killing a little time at work, but I’m still going to assert myself. After all, that’s what some people actually love about me. All I’m trying to do here is be a Super Hero and save the country from ruin. And do note that I try hard to balance funny posts with political posts.

Honest. I try hard.

So while I’m getting my Super Blogger Woman cape on, take heart and maybe take some Tums for the next two months- get a big bottle, in fact. The election will come to pass, something big will have happened, half the country will be tremendously offended and angry, and the other half will have fainted in disbelief.

And life will go on .

But after all of this, on November 7th, no matter who we are, who we love, or who we voted for, in the end- according to Wanda Sykes, anyway– we are all united… by our love for delicious flavored Vodkas.

So, either drink your special Vodka with me or head over to Pinterest and look at creative Vodka drinks there for a few weeks- I’ll never know you were ignoring me and we’ll still respect each other in the morning.


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  8 Responses to “Don’t Make Me Knit My Brow”


    I love this about you.


    I’m surprised at the number of women that support the Republicants. Can these gals not read? Though I normally don’t drink, if by some chance R&R wins, you can bet I will have flavored vodkas lined up in front of me. Thanks for reminding people how important this election is, you rock it as always!


      Rosie~ The two major “sides” are such extremes from one another that this truly is a critical election; more so than any I remember till now. And neither can I understand that any woman would vote for the Republican choices this time. I can understand and respect having differing views on many things, but the GOP right now would set women’s rights back decades and that alone should cost the GOP every woman’s vote. I know of no woman in this country who would come out a winner. Except maybe Ann Romney. Maybe.


    Nice to see someone who isn’t feeling hopeless. I don’t drink- though I might have to start! You just keep on being you and speaking your mind.


      Nancy~ Just pour yourself a fancy drink and call it a “special flavored vodka!” No need to be left out. And you’re right- I don’t feel hopeless. Maybe it’s a good thing that the political situation is so extreme- at least it gets us all paying attention.


    It IS so very important to be aware of what the hell is going on in our country! I am a naturalized citizen due to my parents immigrating to the US…I am so very proud and appreciative to be an american after all the stories my folks shared with me. MOST americans take for GRANTED their “God given rights” and freedom here in the USA…if you only look at the not so very long ago history with women’s rights, african americans, LGBTG’s etc…you have to FIGHT and VOTE and be informed of what the hell our politicians are doing in “YOUR” country! Remember they are elected…if you don’t inform yourself on the going ons and don’t vote…I DON’T WANNA HEAR YOU BITCH about how bad things are. APPRECIATE the TRUE FREEDOMs we have in this country and dammit do your research and VOTE! Thanks for your “loud and proud” political insight! Keep it up!


      Carolina~ it never fails that the naturalized citizens are some of the most informed, the most passionate, and the most appreciative people in the country. When will we learn that the reason people risk their lives to get here is not because of the handouts? I cannot imagine living in some of the places that people escape from- extreme limitations, no freedom of speech, little opportunity, and little hope.

      And you’re right- don’t bitch if you’re not participating. And don’t bitch if you don’t get your way, either. That’s the way things work around here and that’s why we might have to look up from Honey Boo Boo TV now and then to see what people are talking about. I got on my soapbox and wrote a post about this: